The guts to call a stop when a team is getting nowhere

Andrea Schüller on October 20, 2014

Observing a team of hugely talented people pull together to get an ambitious strategic project off the ground – without any formal authority or any pre-defined success measures – it dawned on me, just how difficult it is, to translate awareness into conscious action. Every single one of the team members was aware of what …

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Embracing creativity

Andrea Schüller on September 15, 2014

How to allow the minds of those around you to flourish? Looking at the impressive viewer numbers, I must be the only one who hadn’t seen Sir Ken Robinson’s seminal TED talk on the question if schools kill creativity I only recently came across his work listening to an interview conducted by the BBC’s …

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Are you receiving ‘good enough’ hierarchical leadership?

Andrea Schüller on September 5, 2014

In their new book ‘The Leadership Shadow’ (KoganPage, 2014), Erik de Haan and Anthony Kasozi suggest a most simple and effective test. Just answer the following question: If you are in a meeting or a presentation or engaged in any other work activity, and all of a sudden your boss joins the room, how does …

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Fine moments of leadership

Martina Weinberger on July 16, 2014

Reading ‘Spiegel online’ this morning – ‘confessions of a teacher’, a series of short stories highlighting the fine moments of being an educator, I felt touched by the positive spirit of making a difference that were so clear in those stories… not the “usual” reporting of how teachers and schools fail. Instead attention was given …

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Time to think

Andrea Schüller on

What if … we created environments, in which people could truly do their best thinking? When was the last time you made sure that your team meeting offered the conditions for people to do their best thinking? Consider your answers to the following questions: Prior to your meeting … Do you ensure that it has a …

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Versatility requires character

Andrea Schüller on June 25, 2014

The recent elections for the European Parliament created an unlikely and controversial YouTube hit in Germany: Frank Walter Steinmeier, the foreign minister, who is known to be a softly spoken, considered and pretty balanced fellow, gave a very hot-blooded, passionate reply at an election rally when confronted with the accusation that he and others in …

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“Coaching got me to realize that everybody matters” – Sipho Zele

Andrea Schüller on June 20, 2014

Impressions from the coaching conference circuit: „Coaching will lead to respect and self-respect that is far more gratifying than the fleeting sensation of power“. This quote, fantastic as it is by itself, becomes even more meaningful when I tell you who said this: Sipho Zele, a colleague from Henley Business School in South Africa. He …

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Welcome to Toguna Leader!

Andrea Schüller on May 4, 2014

This is our blog, in which we aim to bring commentary on anything noteworthy in the world of leadership to your attention. It’s addressed at Toguna Leaders – those who endeavour to engage with their teams at eye level, fostering a spirit of interpersonal trust and mutual respect where everybody can contribute to the full …

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