Why do professionals get stuck in business planning?

Charles Kingsmill on April 4, 2017

Simply put: Because they plan for business as usual You want to know how the happy few plan their success? Read on… I’ve been asked to review and improve many dozens of business plans for professionals like lawyers and accountants. Fairly quickly, it’s easy to spot a number of recurring problems with those plans.And over time, …

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Without a goal, discipline is nothing but self-punishment

Martina Weinberger on July 22, 2015

“The law firms which plan well will inherit the future.” That was one of our hypotheses when we started our research into Professional Services Firms and their approach to business planning and business development. What we have discovered is that lawyers don’t want to plan, because they feel the process is faulty. You don’t want …

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How to set better goals

Charles Kingsmill on July 13, 2015

In a previous post, I listed four reasons why SMART goals don’t work. Here’s my list of four ways to make sure that you do achieve your goals. Feel free to add to them or argue abut them. 1. Why not make your goals INSPIRING? SMART goals are emotion-free. But we are emotional creatures. Sales …

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What’s so smart about SMART goals?

Charles Kingsmill on July 9, 2015

Every year the performance appraisal comes round and thoughts turn to the year ahead. “You should agree 3-5 goals for the year ahead, and they should be SMART” say the guidelines. Everyone knows what SMART stands for, right? “Yes, it’s Specific, Meaningful, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound…” “No, that’s wrong, it’s Stretching, Measurable, Aligned, Realistic, Tangible…” “I …

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Is your expertise invisible?

Charles Kingsmill on October 24, 2014

Throughout our education, most of our formal learning was at a desk. School, university, professional exams; they were all about deskwork. We sat at desks in the classroom, we studied at desks in libraries, and we did our homework at kitchen tables… or desks. Occasionally, we might have been taught something away from the desk. …

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Welcome to Toguna Leader!

Andrea Schüller on May 4, 2014

This is our blog, in which we aim to bring commentary on anything noteworthy in the world of leadership to your attention. It’s addressed at Toguna Leaders – those who endeavour to engage with their teams at eye level, fostering a spirit of interpersonal trust and mutual respect where everybody can contribute to the full …

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