to be or not to be… confident.

Andrea Schüller on October 20, 2014

 The treacherous transience of confidence Easily one of the top five issues people ask me to coach them on is how to appear more confident in challenging situations. This could be in the context of an especially tricky meeting, a phone conference with lots of important stakeholders, a presentation that they feel could either make …

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Time to think

Andrea Schüller on July 16, 2014

What if … we created environments, in which people could truly do their best thinking? When was the last time you made sure that your team meeting offered the conditions for people to do their best thinking? Consider your answers to the following questions: Prior to your meeting … Do you ensure that it has a …

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Coaching is “just” a label for being human – with skill

Andrea Schüller on July 10, 2014

„Effective coaching is simply a practical demonstration of the most positive elements of what it is to be human”. This was the final thought Dr Christian van Nieuwerburgh, a senior lecturer of the University of East London, left his audience with on Saturday, 5th July. The context: a conference on positive coaching and leadership. Christian …

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Fail again – fail better

Andrea Schüller on May 11, 2014

Last month, I talked about Brené Brown’s idea that there might be great power in vulnerability. In daring – greatly. Unsurprisingly, one of my favourite quotes is “Ever tried, ever failed – no matter. Try again, fail again – fail better” (Samuel Beckett). Am I obsessed with failure? I’d like to think not! What I …

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Welcome to Toguna Leader!

Andrea Schüller on May 4, 2014

This is our blog, in which we aim to bring commentary on anything noteworthy in the world of leadership to your attention. It’s addressed at Toguna Leaders – those who endeavour to engage with their teams at eye level, fostering a spirit of interpersonal trust and mutual respect where everybody can contribute to the full …

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