New Year’s resolution: creating the conditions for success

Andrea Schüller on January 5, 2015

The day before yesterday I needed a very specific service at the local branch of my bank. This task typically takes an experienced German banker with a good working knowledge of English 5 minutes, but with it being December 30th, few employees were in and they sent me a young trainee. After she made two …

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Reflective Calendar – how will you remember

Martina Weinberger on December 22, 2014

The biggest boulder in our way to taking those bold steps we want to take, are often old habits that push us into well trodden paths and our busy lives. So let us ask you today: What will you do for yourself, to remember your bold intentions and take your bold steps? Will you give yourself a …

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Reflective Calendar – a big question for you

Martina Weinberger on December 17, 2014

So we have looked at the year that has just gone by in a series of questions – let us start looking forward now. We would like to start this series of questions with a questions that we find of profound importance (and not an easy one to answer :-)!)

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Reflective Calendar

Martina Weinberger on December 16, 2014

So let us “finish” looking back on 2104 by asking you How would you best describe your personal growth journey for 2014? What words and what picture would you use to describe it? Getting clarity of what was – helps us looking forward to what should (hopefully) be. Putting ideas in words helps our “intellectual” …

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Reflective Calendar… on making mistakes

Martina Weinberger on December 15, 2014

How are you doing with your end of year reflection? Do you enjoy revelling in your achievements? Are you getting clearer on your strengths and your learnings? Do you know more about what might be holding you back? Have you thought about who or what can help you? And how you might be able to …

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Reflective Calendar… help yourself

Martina Weinberger on December 12, 2014

yesterday we had asked you – who or what can help you achieving your even bolder ambition? Let us ask you today: How can you help yourself? What are small steps, reminders, anchors that help you create new habits, stick to what you want?

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Reflective Calendar… getting support

Martina Weinberger on December 11, 2014

So you have been reflecting on what has stopped you from attempting this one bolder step… and the answer might be a wide variety of reasons, some of them very real, some of them more rooted in habits and mindset… at times we find it hard to change things alone – unsupported – unaided. So …

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