Becoming a versatile leader – improving presence and impact

Have you ever overheard somebody else being described as ‘he really fills the room’, or ‘she has a commanding presence’?

People like that are focal points in the room. All attention gravitates towards them – and they don’t even have to work hard for it!

We are all wonderfully different and our individual leadership styles will go a long way in most situations. But there are moments, when we need to tap into our inner strength and overcome the specific obstacles that get in the way of us being our most influential selves.

We will rehearse key influencing situations, like speaking up or facilitating a meeting, delivering a presentation or stepping up to a really confrontational audience. We will work with a business actor to make the situations as realistic as they can be and we will ensure throughout, that you keep being YOU, just a version of you that might have been waiting in the wings until now.

This workshop in the typical 2 + 1 day format will be both fun- and action packed. You will learn as much from experimenting with your own influencing style as you will learn from observing others.

Becoming a versatile leader – improving presence and impact

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