Beyond the Rubicon – making your plans happen (ZRM® Basics)

Why don’t we just do what we decided we want to do? What does really keep us from sticking to our plans and seeing them come to fruition?

Creating a resolution is comparatively easy. It’s energising. Or at least we feel virtuous, as this is something we know we should have been doing for a long time. Live more healthily. Network purposefully. Protect our personal time. Re-brand ourselves in the workplace in order to have the career we really want. But why is it so difficult to actually make those things happen? What can you do to actually get from a good Intention to purposeful action, and change that sticks?

This is where ZRM® comes in – the Zurich Resource Model. It is a self-management concept created by Dr Maja Storch and Dr Frank Krause of the University of Zurich. It is designed to tap into the power of the unconscious,  to help you cross the proverbial Rubicon and to turn a vague need or theoretial wish into a clear Intention and ultimately, into focused coherent action. The approach is rooted in the latest psychological insights about motivation, learning and neurobiology. It taps into resources we have but don’t consciously use and is thus at its core a coaching model.

Most importantly, it is a lot of fun and extremely energising. Discover together with a group of likeminded professionals, the richness of the resources within you. You will walk away sensing that, this time, it will happen – for real.

Beyond the Rubicon – making your plans happen (ZRM)

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