Executive career development – preparing for the career you want

Did you ever feel that your career is like bypassing everybody standing on an escalator with determined, energetic steps? You’re on the up, it’s mostly your own doing, yet ultimately, you have limited options?

Even the most successful people, happy in their current careers, sometimes feel externally controlled. What if …?

  • What if there was a completely different, even more fulfilling career out there for me?
  • What if I dared to think and even believe that I could make it to the ‘by invitation only’ device that will really take me to the top floor? Do I want to go along for the ride?
  • What if I simply wanted the escalator to stop for a minute – allowing me to look around and enjoy how far I’ve come, what made that possible and how I can consciously build on that going forward?

What if I had the nerve to really take charge of my career?

In this workshop, in the typical Toguna 2 + 1 day format, we will provide you with tools and techniques and – most importantly – the head space to find out, where you really want to go next and help you determine the appropriate steps towards that.

This workshop can also be booked as a one-day individual session.

Executive career development – preparing for the career you want

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