Leadership can be lonely

As a busy leader, you know that there are some challenges that no-one around you can easily help you with.

  • Your colleagues might have some insights, but they might also be in competition with you.
  • Consultants might be useful, but often their perspective is too process driven and generic.
  • Family and friends are wonderful sounding boards but they might lack the relevant experience.

The Toguna Practitioner Exchange creates a safe space for experienced leaders to come together to review difficult challenges in a confidential setting, with the support of professional executive coaches and team facilitators. Creating Peer coaching at its best!

What do former participants say?

  • “I have gained what our facilitators called ‘outsight’ – real insight how things work elsewhere. You don’t even realise the degree to which you’re wearing blinkers in your day-to-day business.”
  • “Here I get what I so rarely have: time, space and support to explore my wooly challenges, in a set-up where these resonate with others.”
  • “You build a long-term, dependable network that remains strong beyond the duration of the course.”
  • “It doesn’t have to be your own dilemma, I learn as much from listening to and brainstorming solutions for my peers, it is like a life case study.”

Sounds interesting?

Send us an email via the below – ‘secure your place button’. We will get in touch with you to set up a  free one hour coaching session, to explore your challenges and discuss whether the Practitioner Exchange might indeed be right for you.

Practitioner Exchange: Peer Coaching the Toguna Way

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