Why do professionals get stuck in business planning?

Charles Kingsmill on April 4, 2017

Simply put: Because they plan for business as usual You want to know how the happy few plan their success? Read on… I’ve been asked to review and improve many dozens of business plans for professionals like lawyers and accountants. Fairly quickly, it’s easy to spot a number of recurring problems with those plans.And over time, …

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Overcoming the porcupine dilemma: Dare to get close, get warm, support each other.

Andrea Schüller on Mai 9, 2016

So here I am, thinking about what Arthur Schopenhauer’s porcupine dilemma has to do with creating environments where colleagues trust and respect one another enough to become effective peer coaches … after all, this is what I’m doing a lot of in my professional life. Before you get too impressed with how well read I’m …

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Luck needs organising – How to start building your partner case

Martina Weinberger on Februar 29, 2016

I had lunch yesterday with one of my coachees. He had just heard back from his firm, confirming him as new partner. Over a glass of wine and amidst humongous smiles, I asked him playfully, what advice he would give to younger professionals: “What does it take to make partner?” And his response was: “Luck …

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The uncomfortable comfort zone.

Martina Weinberger on Februar 17, 2016

Are you asking yourself whether you want to push for partnership? This blog is written for people working in professional services firms, who have been there for at least three years after qualifying, and who are undecided whether partnership is what they aspire to. What makes this a difficult question? For a lucky few, it …

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Four simple ways to surge from stuck to powerful

Sean Spence on November 3, 2015

Flattened? Exhausted? Striving for excellence means risking exhaustion or downright despair! Yet at any moment you have the power to shift gears and surge forward again. Being ‘overwhelmed’ can be part of the journey but it’s avoidable too. Of course I only learnt this the hard way! I flamed out at Christmas. At first I …

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What kind of a leader do you plan to become?

Andrea Schüller on Oktober 12, 2015

Dwell on the word ‘plan’ with me for a second if you will. What if I had asked you: what kind of a leader do you want to become? Answers to this question are often predictable. “Inspirational”. Yes. Great. Don’t we all. “Impactful”. Er. Yes. Always useful. “Fair”. Yup. “A role model”. Nice one. Tick. …

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Learning transfer made easy… Learning in real time, in your everyday environment

Martina Weinberger on September 20, 2015

A joint post by Charles Kingsmill and Martina Weinberger What happens on tour sometimes stays on tour. Alas. As trainers and facilitators, we are often asked about the problem of learning transfer. Even if participants want to attend a programme, even if they can find the time to attend, even if they can justify leaving their …

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“And then they burst into tears!” … on crying in business

Martina Weinberger on September 1, 2015

“And then they burst into tears!” This was the desperate statement of a participant of a workshop I ran about unconscious bias and the difficulty of getting more women to even want to have a career. The manager claimed that things are so much more complex with his female staff, “they demand more feedback, want …

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Without a goal, discipline is nothing but self-punishment

Martina Weinberger on Juli 22, 2015

“The law firms which plan well will inherit the future.” That was one of our hypotheses when we started our research into Professional Services Firms and their approach to business planning and business development. What we have discovered is that lawyers don’t want to plan, because they feel the process is faulty. You don’t want …

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How to set better goals

Charles Kingsmill on Juli 13, 2015

In a previous post, I listed four reasons why SMART goals don’t work. Here’s my list of four ways to make sure that you do achieve your goals. Feel free to add to them or argue abut them. 1. Why not make your goals INSPIRING? SMART goals are emotion-free. But we are emotional creatures. Sales …

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