In the complex world leaders live in, there is little more you can be told or taught, and yet so much to learn. If you identify with Franklin’s insight, you will appreciate what we think about in the design of bespoke leadership development programmes:

Leadership qualities

  • We ensure participants are learning on many different levels
  • We simultaneously strengthen leaders’ resourcefulness, build trust in their abilities to deal with the unknown and support them in handling ambiguity
  • We aim to get people thinking differently as a result of having taken part in the programme – how they achieve targets, how they manage individuals and teams, how they take ownership of their responsibility to make the company’s vision a reality, for example.

Leadership activities

We want to make learning a truly sustainable intervention for your leaders, not just a one-off experience. We focus all learning activities on:

  • individuals’ current business challenges and personal development goals
  • working in the real context of your organisation’s vision and strategic goals
  • interweaving the programme with one-to-one and peer coaching.

This is what one of our ‘typical’ programme designs looks like:

Toguna Programmes

Bespoke Programmes
Bespoke Programmes
Bespoke Programmes