What is coaching? Coaching is the art of supporting somebody to tap into their ‘unthought known’ (W. Bion).

Everyone at Toguna, partners and friends alike, has extensive experience in coaching executives and professionals at all levels.

Our approach to individual coaching of executives is solution-focused and strengths-based.

What does that mean?

Solution-focused means that we start by jointly developing a very clear idea of what the ‘success’ we’re working towards means and looks like. What are the indicators that you can use to judge your leadership impact?

Strengths-based coaching means that we initially look at what you naturally do and enjoy doing when you are ‘at your best’, at your most resourceful. We seek to comprehend what allows you to excel already, in order to discover ways of building on this.

Often we are held back from being our most impactful self by an overreliance on a few strengths – our default behaviour. We help you flex your leadership style, overcoming deeply held beliefs and assumptions, as we all know that to progress further “what got you here, won’t get you there”. We help you unpack what gets in the way, smile in recognition of what’s underneath and define, what ‘success’ really means for you.

The majority of our coaching clients seek support through key transition stages, be it moving into a new or broader leadership role, accepting a stretch assignment in a different country or culture, or seeking a re-orientation of their career.

Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching
Executive Coaching