What is peer coaching? To enable peer coaching you need to create and manage a safe environment for leaders to share ideas and insights with each other.

This sounds easy, yet setting up and accompanying a peer coaching set is probably the best job any coach can have – and the toughest. It’s like creating the conditions for a perfect chemical reaction – without being able to control all the ingredients.

Learning needs a pathway. Peer-to-peer learning is no different. First we erode what gets in the way: fear of looking foolish, feeling like the odd one out, generic tips. Then we put the guide ropes in place to create that ‘magic’ learning space.

We have now developed a formula that works, and it’s the most wonderful thing to witness and take part in – a Toguna space where smart, insightful, courageous, experienced, dedicated partners spark off each other to achieve deep, personal learning.

Peer Coaching