What is team coaching? Team coaching is a process by which teams really get to the bottom of how and why they want to achieve their joint goals.

Unlike a peer coaching setting, where colleagues support each other in solving issues that originated outside of the group, this is much closer to home! Here we are not dealing with relatively neutral, amiable growth partners who are keen to learn from another, but with people who work together on a day-to-day basis – with all their history, hierarchies and past hostilities.

Reg Revans once said that learning (L) needs to be bigger or equal the rate of environmental change (EC).

L ≥ EC

Hence, most teams we work with need to learn a lot – and fast.

Our most important contribution is to help teams uncover the difference between ‘agreement’ and ‘commitment’.

Another key role is to focus on the real challenges outside of your team: what is it that you can uniquely do together that meets a real need? What is looming on the horizon in a year from now that you already know and need to work together to achieve a spectacular result?

Team Coaching
Team Coaching
Team Coaching