The Toguna Academy is our offer to professionals we have previously worked with, to continue their individual development beyond their employer’s original program. 

Often participants who have experienced our programs want a ‘refresher’ on something we tackled in class or one-to-one training on specific issues. Others want to go deeper than our original contract allowed. And some clients want to explore completely different topics. Whatever your reason for coming: you will get to enjoy connecting with other professionals and benefit from our trademark peer coaching framework.

You have never worked with us before and you’d like to get a ‘taster’ of the Toguna experience? The Toguna Academy is of course there for you, too.

Let’s be clear: these aren’t standardised off-the-shelf programmes; the experiences we offer through the Toguna Academy are completely tailored to meet your needs.

How does it work?

Typically we will work with a limited number of people (4 – 6) to ensure that the learning experience fits your individual needs.

Most of the Toguna Academy programmes are 2-day workshops, followed by an application period (with some specific assignments to complete) and a follow-up day.

We involve business actors, camera work, or slightly unusual exercises to make them unique learning experiences, but the one thing that makes them truly special is the unique blend of participants we attract and bring together – in true Toguna style!

Toguna Academy

Current Courses