Andrea Birte Schüller

„25 years in, I love what I do even more than when I started.“

Andrea Birte Schüller

A business psychologist by education, I spent the last 25 years doing the same thing: supporting individuals, teams and organisations to become an even better version of themselves – and I still can’t imagine doing anything more exciting, or more rewarding.

The majority of my time is dedicated to designing and delivering bespoke leadership development programmes that accelerate individual and organisational growth.  They are targeted at high potentials in international professional services firms and corporations who are being groomed for broader leadership responsibilities. I started out as a consultant, being involved in large scale change projects that ranged from the creation and implementation of a new sales philosophy to supporting organisations through restructures and mergers/acquisitions.

I set up my own consulting, coaching and action learning business in 1998 before co-founding Toguna Leadership in 2014 to promote a truly enabling leadership style: it focuses on talking at eye level, seeing individuals rather than judging them and inducing a deep rooted growth mind-set.

We firmly believe that knowledge-driven organisations with Toguna Leaders at the helm will thrive – as the professionals working with them are free to think for themselves, keen share their ideas and truly invested in their organisation.

As an Executive Fellow of a leading UK Business School I also keep abreast of new developments in the academic world.

I am an accredited executive coach and hold a UK MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change alongside my German MSc in Psychology. I regularly train aspiring coaches and leaders who would like to develop a coaching style.  My own academic research focuses on how to drive change through leadership development programmes.

Having grown up in Japan and Pakistan I delight in working internationally. As an adult  I spent very happy years living and working in the UK and find any excuse to go back. 80% of my work is delivered in English to international groups. My corporate work currently focuses Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America.

I live in a small hamlet just outside of Munich. My teenage daughter is in the final year of her International Baccalaureate – and about to hotfoot it out of Bavaria. Germany didn’t even make it onto the university locations shortlist – another excuse for me to travel more.

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Martina Weinberger

„Helping fantastic people grow – what a job!

Martina Weinberger

I started my career in Marketing and Strategy Consulting, but have spent the last 16 years working with leaders of all kinds, observing them and the environment they work in grow and flourish– which is fun and fulfilling for me too!

The majority of my work is designing, delivering and improving bespoke leadership development programmes for international corporate clients and working with individual leaders in coaching. I relish the buzz of real-time interaction with others – creating the energy and space that groups and individuals need for their learning.

I hold an MBA from INSEAD and a BA in European Business Administration. I am certified as a systemic business coach, accredited with the DVCT – German Association for Coaching and Training as well as with the Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision ( I am certified in a wide range of training courses, amongst others Crucial Conversations by Vital Smarts, Tools of Engagement by the Pro Group, «ZRM®»-Trainer (Zurich Resource Model) by ISMZ, MBTI Step1 and Step2 and Science of happiness at work by Iopener. I also greatly enjoy being part of the community – a group of great professionals mainly in the US but working world-wide.

I lived and worked in Portugal, France, the UK and the US, as well as my native Germany. In the course of my international life, I met my French husband and we are very proud parents of three teenage children.

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Bernie Forde

Bernie Forde

Fascinated by business and enterprise from an early age, at 23 Bernie Forde co-founded a corporation focused on trading with organisations based in East Africa. This became a springboard for 17 exciting years of business experience with many opportunities across various industry sectors, including agriculture, printing and publishing, construction and manufacturing. As well as  running his own corporation Bernie was involved in consulting to and funding various start-up enterprises in the region.

A burgeoning interest in psychology led to a change in direction including returning to education at Henley Business School where he was soon invited to become involved in the delivery of executive education as a member of visiting faculty. Having completed an MSc in Coaching and Behavioural Change he is established as a freelance executive coach/mentor and leadership development consultant, working throughout the EMEA region for various bluechip clients.

Bernie is convinced that the greatest challenge people face in striving to reach their potential is themselves. He is a passionate believer that the most effective way to help people develop to their maximum potential is through an holistic approach, looking deeply at their beliefs, values and motivations, and understanding where they have come from, in order to move forward confidently and effectively.

Charles Kingsmill

Charles Kingsmill

Charles Kingsmill helps leadership teams to create smart gameplans so that they can achieve a sustainable step change in results.  He also works on leadership and management development and is qualified to administer the Myers-Briggs and FIRO-B psychographic tools.

Charles studied Maths at Christ Church, Oxford and is a qualified Chartered Accountant. His business background is in Strategy, Marketing and Finance. His career has taken him throughout the US and Europe in businesses large and small. His roles have included Finance Director, Systems Director and Corporate Planner. For nearly ten years, he was head of the strategy development team at Mars in Europe.

Charles lives with his wife and two daughters in London, England.  In his spare time he reads, writes, runs and wishes he could play the piano better.

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Dominik Umberto Schott

Dominik Umberto Schott

Can a blind person ride a motorcycle? Yes, if someone lends their eyes (and a scooter). In 1992 a blind listener of my radio show told me about his greatest regret being visually handicapped. He would never be able to ride a motorbike. That touched me. We drove the old Munich airport where I let him drive my Vespa on an empty runway. I sat behind him, making sure we would not land in a ditch. – This is how I work today as a Trainer. I encourage participants to try new things, making sure leaving the comfort zone for them is a positive experience. After 30+ years on stage as a musician, actor, moderator, journalist, facilitator or keynote speaker I know how to reach and touch an audience.

My original background is music. I played in a band and wanted to be a pop star. Instead I became a radio and television host. In my 25 years in the media industry I hosted thousands of live shows and hundreds of corporate events and political panel discussions. As a certified trainer I helped managers in 12 countries to unleash their communication potential. I’m an expert in Story Telling, Body Language, Presentation and Leadership Communication. My passion: see people grow.

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Dr Rosina Gasteiger

Dr Rosina Gasteiger

For more than a decade, Rosina Gasteiger has been advising international organizations in the area of Human Resource Management, Organizational Development and Leadership Effectiveness.  She brings in-depth understanding of a variety of business and organizational issues always striving to help develop the potential of individuals, teams and organizations. Working closely with CEOs and their executive teams, she facilitated the design and implementation of large-scale strategic change, talent management as well as leadership development initiatives in Europe, the Asia Pacific region and the United States of America. Her areas of focus have been talent acquisition, talent and leadership development—on the individual as well as the team level—, executive coaching, career development, and change facilitation.

She holds a Masters degree in Psychology with a Major in Work and Organizational Psychology and a PhD from the University of Munich. In her dissertation she shed light particularly on self-directed career development and career success of executives and specialized personnel.

Rosina lives together with her husband and son in Munich, Germany. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading and writing, sports as well as travelling.

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John Metherell

John Metherell

After a period of 12 years in management John Metherell spent a further 12 years in people roles in large organisations, including a multi national retailer. This period also included internal change management roles, and consultancy. It was at this point that John established his approach to leadership development, and his awareness of the power of coaching. In 2005 he set up his own business, working in the areas of performance management, talent planning, and organisational change in the UK and Europe. Coaching has featured more and more heavily in John’s work, and this is his passion. As his approach to coaching has evolved over the last 10 years, he has, in parallel developed his approach to the supervision and ongoing development of professional executive coaches, and works as a coach supervisor for Henley Business School as well as taking on private clients. If there is a focus to the coaching work at this point it would be in working with clients to discover and articulate their own ‘Brand’ of leadership, and help them contribute and find personal fulfilment.

John recently completed an MSc in coaching and behavioural change at Henley Business School. He also holds a certificate in executive coaching supervision from Henley, and a Diploma in Coaching Supervision from the Coaching Supervision Academy. He is an accredited supervisor of coaches via the Academy for whom he also is an assessor.

John lives with his partner in Cambridge, UK. He is passionate about playing the Classical Guitar, and enjoys books, antiques, and art, as well as conversation and good food and drink with friends both local and international.

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Laura Tovey

Laura Tovey

I have twenty-five years experience in leadership, performance and organisation development. I have held global and European positions in large internationals and have worked in Europe, the US and Asia.

My works includes: the design and delivery of leadership development programmes; assessment and development of the top 100-300 leaders in an organisation, to support them in delivering new business strategies; and coaching leaders from a diverse range of international businesses. I have a particular interest in the link between our thinking patterns and beliefs, and how these increase or limit our choices in business and life and relate to our non-verbal communication, which in turn influences our clients and colleagues. I consider it a privilege to work with very talented people, and find a joy in seeing them further develop and increase their performance.

I hold an MBA (with distinction) from the City University Business School, and a dual honours degree in Marketing and German. I am accredited as a Full Member (advanced level) of the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches. I am a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming, and am qualified in a range of psychometrics tools. I have trained with the world’s foremost expert in Non-Verbal Intelligence and am certified by the University of Pennsylvania in Resilience skills training.

I live near London, with my husband and son. I enjoy walking, the outdoors, reading, travel, and caring for my leopard geckos.

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Petra Aubry

Petra Aubry

I always wanted to work with people and see the world. Where best to do this? For me it was in the hotel business, working in Germany, England, Switzerland and on a cruise liner. What a great experience this was! After several years in various five Star Hotels, I joined the sales and marketing team of Disneyland Paris, based in Germany, which turned out to be an intensive learning journey in how to get different cultures working together, being part of a global team, working for an US company that had just opened in France. After celebrating the 5th anniversary of Disneyland Paris I moved on to the Irish Tourist Board and until today still feel very close to Ireland and the Irish people.

During my time promoting Germany in the German Tourist Board Paris, I was not only able to fully experience the French “savoir vivre”, but it was also the perfect opportunity to get my French finally to the level, that I had always wanted it to be. For the last ten years I have been working for a premium German car manufacturer, training our global staff and partners in how to best deliver outstanding customer orientation and how to represent a premium brand. Working in the automobile industry is a fascinating indeed in these fast changing days.

The bulk of my work today is continuously enhancing the global in-house training and development programmes, training trainers and delivering trainings myself.

Beyond this, I am also an accredited Business Coach and certified trainer (Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Germany.

I thrive on real time interaction with others, creating the platform of trust that groups and individuals need to learn. I strongly subscribe to a solution focused approach. The starting point being the intended positive outcome, I see this as vital in times where change and cross functional work are buzzwords and where the day-to-day impact of new ways of working stress many people and keep them from engaging with all their energy and potential. Joining the Toguna Leadership team gives me the opportunity to work with a group of great people, sharing the same values, with whom I can focus on enabling teams and their leaders to address the issues of the future, focussing on solutions and making the most of their existing strengths and resources.

My French husband and I are proud parents of two teenage kids, with Munich being our home base.

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Sabine Havenstein

Sabine Havenstein

Sabine has more than 15 years experience of living and working internationally. Her professional experience includes HR, training and development, account management, marketing, sales and quality management roles. Her previous positions include Director of HR as well as Senior Manager of Global Training Services, where she was responsible for clients and staff on several continents. She is fluent in English, German and Spanish. And has proficient working knowledge of Portuguese, French and Italian.

Sabine is currently an Associate Coach for the Center for Creative Leadership at their Brussels Campus and runs her own business as an independent Team Coach, Leadership Trainer, Facilitator and Executive Coach to senior management and executives in a wide range of industries on a worldwide basis.

Since 2009 Sabine has also been a proud member of the worldwide United Nations coaching programme, which gives her the opportunity of working with UN leaders and upper managers across different programmes and cultures in often very challenging situations.

She is also core faculty for the Munich Academy of Business Coaching, responsible for an intensive 150 hour coaching training that runs over 15 months – teaching new coaches the secrets of the trade. Sabine is also one of the certifying assessors for the German Association for Coaching and Training (dvct), making sure coaching quality standards are high in this association.

Sabine holds a masters degree in American Studies, in English Literature and Romance Languages from the University of Tübingen, Germany, Southern Oregon State College, USA, and the University of Seville in Spain. She has taken courses in applied psychology and theatre arts and is a certified TMS (Team Management Systems) Coach and Trainer.

She currently lives with her two daughters  in Munich, Germany.

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Sean Spence

Sean Spence

Sean has spent over 30 years working with organisations at both local and international levels in ensuring senior roles are successfully addressed by great talent.

He now runs a practice with two core aims: to help talented professionals make significant career transitions successfully; and to help individuals in C-suite or partnership roles embrace the full role and execute it superbly. This means that he also helps boards recruit CEOs more effectively against strategic requirements.

Sean spent the last 15 years developing his practice and was previously with Russell Reynolds Associates, as an executive recruiter based in Hong Kong and then Melbourne, managing global search assignments for roles across Australasia and Asia.

His educational background includes a degree in Physics, (Oxford) and he qualified as an accountant in London with PricewaterhouseCoopers. He also has qualifications in socio-analysis, counselling & psychotherapy. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Sean has two grown children and is a practicing artist and yachtsman.

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Susan Bauer

Susan Bauer

Susan is an experienced Human Resources professional and a certified coach. Her passion lies in helping her clients (individuals and teams) to gain clarity about “what they want to be next”.

Her work is steeped in her conviction that there are possibilities in every situation and for everyone! Guiding her clients to explore these possibilities and helping them put their thinking into action is the most satisfying part of her work.

She brings both her many years of global work and life experience into the arena, as she guides clients with her natural warmth and openness, injecting a good measure of pragmatism and focus. For more than 9 years she lived and worked in the US and in Asia. Visiting new places, exploring diverse cultures and meeting different clients – discovering their challenges and understanding what makes them who they are today – is a never ending source of energy and learning.

As a coach, her clients praise her for her particular blend of curiosity, open-mindedness and results-orientation.

Susan is an accredited Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) from the Coaches Training Institute. She currently trains with the Center for Right Relationship to deepen her skills in team coaching approaches.

Susan is a happily married mother of three children and currently lives in Munich, Germany. Running gives her energy, time to think and to let go. She coaches in English and German.